Assay Development

The key development stage of candidate vaccines and antiviral drugs is the assessment of immunogenicity and efficacy of the products, by use of fully validated assays. A valid comparison of immunogenicity across different vaccine candidates or preclinical models can best be obtained by conducting head-to-head analysis of animal samples using a standardized assay that has equivalent sensitivity and specificity for different host species. Artemis Bio-Support will advise you whenever needed on the choice for a commercially available assay. When such an assay is not available, Artemis Bio-Support will assist you with the development of tailored-made assays that are highly optimized for sensitivity, specificity, precision, reproducibility, and robustness.


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Quantitative PCR

Artemis Bio-Support offers a package of quantitative PCR (qPCR) for detection of viral load in preclinical and clinical samples. Quantifying the viral load upon infection is an important measure to assess vaccine and antiviral drug efficacy. There are a number of compelling advantages to use qPCR to measure virus load:

  • A qPCR assay can be completed rapidly compared to quantitation of infectious virus.
  • Multiplexing capacity allows qPCR assays to detect multiple targets and/or to include appropriate controls in a single reaction



ELISA is a well-established technique in many laboratories because of accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, availability of reagents and the possibility for high-throughput.  We will decide with you which ELISA format is better (Indirect, direct, capture, etc). This first phase analysis will be extensively discussed with the client, based on parameters that can affect validity of the ELISA such as

  • The number and washing steps needed, which can have an effect on assay sensitivity.
  • Epitope exposure; binding to plastic or coupling to other agents (e.g., fluorochromes) can obscure relevant antibody binding sites on the protein used to evaluate immunogenicity.
  • Availability of positive and negative controls. Artemis has a serum-bank with well-defined sera and plasma from patients. Depending on your needs we will select a panel of positive and negative controls. If that is not available, we can generate hyperimmune serum by immunization or infection of relevant animals to generate positive and negative controls.



Artemis Bio-support is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) specialized in the evaluation of viral vaccines and antiviral therapeutics.



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