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Protein Production & Vaccine Preparation


We help you adopt a de-risking strategy to accelerate your product development and licensing.

Our protein expression systems include Leishmania, as well as a diverse range of bacterial and mammalian transient expression systems.

Recombinant protein-based vaccines can be prepared in the form of virus-like particles.

Following the production of your recombinant protein-based vaccine, Artemis Bio-Support further supports the preparation of immunogenic vaccine formulations. 



Protein production method A: Leishmania

The Leishmania expression system stands particularly out because of scalability with high protein yields and cost-effectiveness.

Vaccine preparation

Artemis can also assist in the development of an experimental recombinant protein vaccine.  We can produce the antigen of your choice using prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems. We will prepare the vaccine formulation to perform vaccination/challenge experiments in the appropriate animal model.

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Protein production method B: Bacterial & Mammalian expression systems

Bacterial & Mammalian expression systems are routinely used in several laboratories and Artemis offers these systems as well.


Artemis Bio-support is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) specialized in the evaluation of viral vaccines and antiviral therapeutics.



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